Questions People Ask Us

What happens if I decide to move?

A: Everything transfers! You can save money on your electric bill and get paid by the power company while you have the solar, and you’ll hand everything off to the next homeowner for them to enjoy.
This usually translates to selling your home quicker to any buyer who understands how solar works, as they’d rather pay for a utility bill that never goes up and they get to own.

What is the upfront cost to get started?

A: If the home qualifies, $0. Getting solar for you home isn’t free, however we use a combination of state, federal, and private programs to help you get rid of your national grid bill and replace it with a low cost solar payment. The best part about these programs, and why you see more solar on homes today, is any home with good sun exposure will generate enough income to not only pay for their own cost but also put money in your pocket. Why pay more to rent power, when you can own it for less?

What if snow builds up on the panels?

A: The solar panels used in New England are engineered for the elements, and are quite sturdy. However, snow can affect production if it builds up on the panels, but most homeowners just let them clear off naturally like you would a roof.
In some cases, depending on the roof pitch, solar panels allow snow to slide right off of them due to their glass like material. Meaning, you won’t see as much snow build up on your roof as before.