Flexible Options for Financing Your Solar PV System

At Rooftop Power, we want you to get the most efficient and advanced solar PV system on the market, so you can start enjoying the economic benefits of renewable energy as soon as possible. Your choice of financial lender depends on whether you plan to purchase or lease your system or do a PPA. 

We’ve listed our trusted and reputable solar lenders on this page. When it comes time to financing your system, we’ll help you decide which lender is right for you.

We partner with the top solar lenders in the industry, including...

A leading national provider of renewable energy, Dividend provides plenty of financing options for those looking to go solar. With EmpowerLoan, EmpowerPlus, and Solar + Storage packages that all offer zero-down financing, you’re bound to find a plan that fits your family’s needs.

Whether you’re looking to purchase your system upfront, finance your system, lease your panels, or enter into a PPA, Vivint offers four packages that address a variety of needs. With maintenance options and no upfront costs, Vivint makes financing easy.

Like Rooftop Power, Mosaic is passionate about providing clean energy for all. When you’re ready to upgrade to solar, consider financing with Mosaic. With next-level account management and customer support, you’re able to monitor your payments, balance, and other details of your loan with ease.

Mass Solar Loan serves Massachusetts residents by offering loans with low-interest rates and fixed monthly payments. Applicants may also be eligible for income-based incentives that include loan support and a 1.5% interest rate buy-down.

For more information on financing your solar PV system, contact us today.