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Solar Energy

  • Solar Myths DEBUNKED

    Solar Myths DEBUNKED 
    Solar is going up everywhere: in fields, on your neighbors home, huge commercial properties of our favorite retailers like Costco and Walmart, our local fire stations etc… but there are a few “myths” out there keeping people from saving a whole lot of money.

    We’re here to set the record straight on these […]

  • Eco-Friendly is in!

    So here we are thinking… shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?

    2020’s Earth Day theme is Climate Action. Climate concerns are a leading subject in social and political discussions all over the world. With over 7 billion people on the planet, mother nature has dealt with so much and now is the time to get involved […]

  • Why Choose RTP?

    There are so many solar companies to choose from, why choose Rooftop Power? Once a homeowner has decided solar makes sense (duh!), the next question should be with who and why? We’re here to tell you why Rooftop Power is the right company for you to make the transition. Here are the facts:

    • Rooftop Power […]

  • We Are The Renewable Generation

    It’s 2020, the start of a new generation, and our actions will determine if we make it a great one. On this day, people have more ability to affect the world around them, and it is our responsibility to take advantage of this in a positive way. Because of this, RooftopPower has created the movement […]

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